Hosting Technology

Sharkol offers premier web hosting technology. Our servers run RedHat Linux with Apache web server and we have added several web-based email and control panel applications to make it very easy for you to manage your website account. As we continue to grow, we will maintain the servers so that CPU utilization and bandwidth never becomes a problem in the speed of your website. The servers include software firewall protection, port filtering, SpamAssassin, cloud spam filtering and other technologies to maintain the security and integrity of our servers.
Sharkol Hosting Technology

Always Optimized

Our servers are configured to automatically update software as needed to maintain latest software version for all critical components. All updates are properly tested prior to upgrading.

Server Technology

Reliable server hosting technology, period. Our servers are configured to automatically update software as needed to maintain latest version software for all critical components. In addition to maintaining bug-free software versions, the server has self-scanning service monitoring. This automatically checks the health of the system to make sure that all components are functioning correctly. In the event that we have an issue with a service on the server it generally only impacts one component and doesn’t require a full server reboot. The automation software will automatically restart a process if it sees that the process has failed. In addition to automated monitoring, all servers are monitored by the data center and third party monitoring services to alert our support staff at the first indication of a problem.

Server Load

Sharkol maintains a reasonable subscription load on our dedicated servers. Currently we are running about 40-60 websites/domains on a server. Other vendors often put 200-500 domains on a box, creating a degradation of service for hosting customers.

Our goal is to pair up heavy usage domains with the smaller non-active domains so that we can manage overall performance for all customers. As we provision new servers, we can also very easily redistribute some websites to even the server load. We’ll never stop improving our hosting technology.